New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Review. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Plus, How to Get $41.93 (49%) OFF via Amazon

For you soon to be mothers, and you repeat mothers, having a new baby is very worrisome. Everyone understands that.

You have to make sure your house is baby-proof, have to buy all the right supplies, you have to worry about what to do when the baby comes, and you have to worry about your baby’s health. And of course the entire process of being pregnant is no picnic either!

So wouldn’t it be nice to relieve some of that stress? Seems like it would be helpful to me. So I decided to do some research on prenatal supplements, which are intended to both help the mother during the pregnancy process and help the baby be born healthy. Based on my best prenatal vitamins research, one product that especially intrigued me was New Chapter Perfect Prenatal; see what I found out below.

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And for the mothers, this pill is supposed to provide energy. When you’re pregnant, it’s really easy to feel tired or irritated. This supplement is supposed to help with that.

So how do we know this supplement actually works as it is supposed to? Well, a good place to start is at the ingredients list.

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Ingredients

When looking at any vitamin or supplement, it’s always important to look at the ingredients. Below I’ve highlighted some of the most important ingredients I’ve found in these New Chapter Perfect Prenatal pills.

  • Organic Vegetable Derivatives: Vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and other sprouts are incorporated to support mom’s breast health.
  • Biotin: This nutrient is important for digestive track, skin, and neural health. In pregnant women, it is found that biotin levels can be reduced, so taking a supplement can be very helpful.
  • Probiotics: Helps promote healthy gastrointestinal function and relieves digestive issues for the mother, common problems during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin B Complex: Enhances the baby’s immune system development, and also provides a boost of energy for the mother.
  • Floate: One of the most important vitamins for any baby’s development. It promotes neural systems development  and red blood cell formation and, most importantly, prevents neural or heart defects.

What’s New in New Chapter Perfect Prenatal that You Cannot Find in Other Product

What seems really good about this product is that there are very, very few complaints about it making you feel nauseous. This is a common problem for women who are pregnant.

So, there has to be something about this product that makes it so good at eliminating this common nauseous feeling, right? Well there is! You see, this product has absolutely no fish derived products. Fish related products are known to commonly cause a nauseous and sick feeling among pregnant women. This is because chemicals from fish can bother a pregnant woman’s more sensitive smell receptors. So this lack of any fish type of product helps avoid a common cause of nausea.

Doing research online shows that there are other prenatal pills with no fish products. But none of those products have the comprehensive ingredients like the multivitamin prenatal pills do: they are all designed to target one specific nutrient, such as DHA or folic acid. When looking exclusively at multivitamin products like this one, pretty much all of them have some type of fish product. The lack of fish products in New Chapter Perfect Prenatal makes it unique and more effective at eliminating nausea.

Does New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Work?

Based on thorough research of the quality of the ingredients in these prenatal pills, it appears they work very effectively for most people. One such Amazon review below shows this:

“I love the organic qualities about this vitamin and knowing that I’m giving my baby the best nutrients possible. It’s organic, probiotic, and whole-how can you not love that? Yes you do have to take this vitamin 3 times a day but it has not been a problem for me because I just take it with my meals. I have taken it before on an empty stomach and they do not make you sick.”

If you want to find more information about this product, or would like to read more reviews, go ahead and head on down to Amazon to do some research of your own.

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Complaints

While of course everyone would love a perfect vitamin, there is no such thing. Below I’ve listed some of the complaints I’ve found about these pills online.

  • There is no DHA in it, which is a supplement also helpful for a baby’s development.
  • You have to take 3 pills a day. It can be slightly inconvenient compared to being able to take just one pill each day.
  • There is no plastic coating on the outside of these vitamins, so if that’s your personal preference just keep that in mind.
  • Taking these with water has created a funny taste for some people, based on how your body is acting. Usually buyers recommend taking them with juice to avoid this.

Where to Buy New Chapter Perfect Prenatal From

The place I recommend purchasing these supplements is on First of all, these pills are available only in limited stores, and you know you have access to them whenever you need them by shopping on Amazon. It would also be nice to not have to worry about shipping and reliability, which Amazon usually provides. But probably the biggest reason to buy these from Amazon is because they are so much cheaper there. The current price on is $61.57, which is much less than the original seller’s offer price.

These pills really seem to benefit both the mother and the baby. They help get the baby nutrients it needs for development, and help the mother feel energized and healthier. If that seems like something you think is worth the money, then I’d keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to buy this supplement.

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