Gaba Calm Review. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Plus, How to Get $XX OFF via Amazon

So the other day I was at the pharmacy with a friend. We were looking at some of the over-the-counter medications for anxiety and stress.


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You see, we both have a close friend who suffers from social anxiety. Of course, he’s tried a lot of the medications there already, and nothing new really seemed interesting enough to get, so we decided to do what any reasonable person would do: hit up the Web and try to see what we could find online.

One product that we found that looked promising was GABA Calm. If you’re looking for vitamins for anxiety, then this may be the right thing for you. And since you’re searching for “gama calm reviews”, then you’ve reached the right page.

So, what is this vitamin supposed to do? Well, it’s meant to help people who suffer from anxiety, or stress, or just need to calm down. If you’ve ever felt nervous just to go outside and pick up your mail to bring inside, or dreaded going grocery shopping because of all the people that would be in the store—well, you know what kind of stress and nervousness this product is talking about. But…what is it?

Don’t Buy GABA Calm Yet And Here’s Why

GABA Calm is essentially a neurotransmitter. All that means is this: it is a nervous system chemical naturally found in our bodies meant to help us in some way. What GABA does is inhibit or mask your response to neuronal signals. In the case of this product, it’s meant to mask your feelings of nervousness and calm you down. If you’re stressed, anxious, or panicky, taking GABA Calm is intended to give you relief from those feelings by calming you down.

Of course, GABA Calm is not just the plain neurotransmitter GABA: it has other ingredients in it too. I think it’s always best to look at ingredients in a product to make sure there’s actually stuff in there that will help you. So that’s what we’re gonna do next!

GABA Calm Ingredients

  • Phenibut—Phenibut is really the GABA neurotransmitter, with one difference. It has a phenyl group added onto it. What this phenyl group does is make it easier for GABA to enter your bloodstream and thus start working effectively.
  • Glycine—This is actually just an amino acid, and it has many functions. One of these functions is to have a calming effect on brain metabolism.
  • Nalt—What Nalt does is it really helps you with two things. First, it helps eliminate depressed feeling s and stress. But also, it helps your body uptake phenylalanine better. If you notice, I said that there was a phenyl group in the Phenibut, so the purpose of this ingredient is to help you uptake the Phenibut, which is by far the most important ingredient in this product, better.
  • L-Glutamine—This is another amino acid, and it’s meant to provide your brain with energy. There are only two things your brain can convert directly to energy: glucose and L-glutamine, so this is always a good thing to have!

What’s New in GABA Calm that You Cannot Find in Other Products

So, just to give you a heads up, GABA Calm really seems to work. I cover this in my next section, so don’t worry, we’ll go over it more then!

And I don’t know if there’s exactly anything completely, undoubtedly “new” about this product, as I have researched some variations of these GABA-Calm pills. But one thing that really got my attention was how many people commented how fast it works. When you think of pills, you usually think, “Oh, I have to wait for it to get to my stomach, and then it has to enter my bloodstream, and then I’ll finally feel its effects.” Well, reading countless reviews has shown me that people feel the full effects of this product in half an hour max, and often times even faster. So how does it work so fast?

Well, it’s all in the design of how you take the pills. You see, you put them under your tongue and let them dissolve, and the GABA is able to enter your blood stream quickly there. It simply dissolves into the blood vessels you have under your tongue. That’s how it works so fast, and, if you look at other re

Does GABA Calm Work?

How well does GABA Calm work…well, based on how I’ve been describing, it must seem like I work for GABA Calm or something! But honestly, it just really seems to be a functional, efficient product. Take one Amazon reviewer, for example:

“It sounds too simple, and to good to be true. But it isn’t!! I take this twice a day and am calm and collected and stable all day! I surprise myself several times a day that I am able to not lose my temper or feel agitated at all! I love it, my family loves it!”

I always think if people who use something can say stuff that good about a product, then maybe it really does work. To see more reviews and get more opinions on GABA Calm, you can find a bunch over at

GABA Calm Complaints

Even despite excellent reviews from, of course no product is perfect. Below I’ve compiled some complaints I’ve seen about GABA Calm. These include:

  • It takes a while to dissolve the pills in your mouth since they’re a bit large for pills you’re suppose to dissolve.
  • Some people find that they need to take a couple to get a long enough lasting effect.
  • The taste is kind of medicine-y since you dissolve it under your tongue.

Where to Buy GABA Calm From

So after hearing about GABA Calm, if you are thinking about buying it, you need to decide where to get it from to try. I’d personally recommend trying it out from Safe and reliable shipping and generally cheaper prices are what Amazon’s known for. Plus it’ll safe you the bother of having to track down the item in stores. Currently on Amazon these are selling for $15.25 per 120 tablets.

Now that we’ve looked at GABA Calm—the good and the bad—it’s up for you to decide: do you want to buy it? I guess the only thing I’d want to leave you with is if you suffer from anxiety or nervousness, this is a possible solution for you. If you think it’s worth the try, then go for it!

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